We believe that you should be able to wear your favourite brands without having to hurt your bank account.

Why should the super brands be reserved for the super rich?

Well, the top brands never sacrifice on quality so they naturally cost more, makes sense right?  BUT, they don’t have to cost the full RRP if you have the right relationships.

From our background in the Italian fashion market in Rome, we have secured the most incredible deals with up to 65% OFF the recommended retail price for ~120 top fashion brands.

The other major factor in us being able to keep the prices so low for our customers is that we are an online retailer.  Which means we don’t have the same costs a physical retailer, things like property ownership or lease, lots of shop workers, security guards etc…  all the things that get bundled into the price you pay with physical shops.

Which means to you, the brands you love are available at prices that make them much more achievable & realistic for you to afford.

Sounds great right?

Well, we are very sorry to say that there is a downside

We don’t have huge amounts of stock and our products change daily.

Which means that, when we have worked hard to secure a bargain for our customers, it might go super quick.

That’s good for you as we always have fresh new fashion, bags, shoes, accessories & much, much more…

BUT, it means if you do see something you really love (and we are very confident you will have a big shopping cart when you have a browse through our store! 😊), it will sell out very quickly, and its unlikely that we will be getting any more of the same items at the same price again any time soon.

We LOVE to negotiate the best price and always get the highest product quantity available, so when a specific item sells out, unfortunately it’s gone.

So, if you are looking for designer bags, purses, fashion, sunglasses, belts, accessories, phone cases, wallets, underwear, shoes, boots, heels, flip flops, sandals, sneakers…. The list goes on & on!  Then you have come to the right place!

For our female clientele we have Femme Fashionista, and for our male patrons we have Homme Fashionista.  We work together in partnership to provide the best selection of top brands under one (virtual) roof, and all just a few clicks away!

In essence, we aim to be your one stop shop for designer fashion at prices you that don’t hurt your bank.

Our customers know us for guaranteed original authentic products, fantastic prices and an unbeatable selection of top brands all in one place.

We would love you to join us as a valued customer very soon!


Gaia Musotti